Romans 1:16 " For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth..."

This first set of songs is from the first album. It was recorded in 2000 and it was certainly a learning experience. There are plans to return to the studio and record some of these again with more instrumentation. Written in 2005, The Prowler Song is a humorous look at the often difficult and sometimes thankless life of a naval aircraft maintainer. If you've ever worked on Navy airplanes, you will appreciate this song. Revelation 3:15 demonstrates the current direction of Jamey's songwriting. The inspiration from the song is taken from the Bible verse after which it is named. Too many times in our lives we give God half, or even less, of ourselves. Even if we are absolutely faithful about attending church, paying our tithes, and even living by the "rules", we still hold back. It is clear that God wants our whole selves and nothing less. Hopefully, this song does more than simply entertain you. Earlier this century a man was visiting with his neighbor. His neighbor commented on the poor condition of the man's yard. The man responded, "Well. Right now I'm raising children. When they're gone, then I'll raise grass." There's a simple wisdom in those words. We all might benefit from taking a moment and examining our lives. Originally written and recorded in 2008, Jamey felt that Children and Grass was worth sharing. Thanks for listening. Inspired by a conversion story, Be Real To Me, calls out to God for one thing, to be present and tangible in our lives.